Sunday, 20 April 2014

How To check Your IP Address?
In very old days IP which stands for "Internet Protocol" address checking was very complicated but due to too much technology develop and awareness, now IP checking is very easy for all, you can check your IP Easily without any worry by visiting is the 1st IP Address checking website Of Pakistan. developers are working on different IP related project like Whois IP, Ping Ip , your Ip Downtime & uptime. Your IP Speed Test and much more.

Monday, 24 February 2014

FBR Tax Message Is Circulating For Tax Collection

Many people nationally ( Pakistan) worried about the message which they received on their personal cell phone.
Many People said that FBR harassing sms coming , FBR is harassing me by sending message on my mobile to pay taxes, We have not registered , we are students, some people have not more than 18 said: why FBR sending us this message for tax.

Aap ko NTN jari kia ja chuka hay magar aap nay pechlay 5 saal main kuch goshware jama nahin kerwaay. Wazeer-e-Azam ke sahoolati package ke tehat aap ye goshware kisi jurmane, izaafi tax ke baghair aur Audit se istasnaa ke sath 28 February tak jama karwa sakte hein.
Mazeed Maloomat:
If this type of message you received on your cell phone then don't be worry this message sent to those people who are registered and have NTN Number & not pay tax till yet, this message is a warning message to those people who are registered and have NTN but not paying taxes.

Question here arising why FBR this message receive on your mobile and your NTN is not issued yet?
This is only for this reason because your personal sim is not on your name, This sim is under the name of person who have NTN but don't paid tax till yet.
So don't be worry go to your Mobile network franchise and service centre to change the ownership of sim to your name.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Subscribe & Unsubscribe Caller Tunes Details of Pakistan's Mobile Network

Warid Telecom:
Subscribe Warid caller tune in sms write RBT on and send it to 7171
UnSubscribe Warid caller tune in sms write RBT off and send it to 7171.
For More Details Visit  Official Website Link

Mobilink/Jaaz Telecom:
Subscribe Mobilink/Jaaz caller tune in sms write Sub and send it to 230.
UnSubscribe Mobilink/Jaaz caller tune in sms write Unsub and send it to 230.
For More Details Visit Mobilink Official website Link.

Ufone Telecom:
Subscribe Ufone caller tune in sms write Sub and send it to 230.
UnSubscribe Ufone caller tune in sms write Unsub and send it to 230.
For More Details Visit Ufone Official website Link.

Zong Telecom:
Subscribe Zong caller tune in sms write reg and send it to 230.
UnSubscribe Zong  caller tune in sms write Unreg and send it to 230.
For More Details Visit Zong Official website Link.

Telenor/Djuice Telecom:
Subscribe Telenor/Djuice caller tune in sms write Sub and send it to 230.
UnSubscribe Telenor/Djuice caller tune in sms write Unsub and send it to 230.
For More Details Visit Telenor/Djuice Official website Link.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Best Online Payment System to Send and Receive payment

Here the list of Best Payment System gateway to send and receive payments from all around the world easily,Below Payment processors are the world most and favorite payment processor by millions of people Globally .
I have post with their Payment Refund or reversed policy.

  1. Western Union                 ( Reversed Policy Yes) 
  2. Money Gram                   ( Reversed Policy Yes)
  3. Paypal                              ( Reversed Policy Yes)
  4. Payoneer                          ( Reversed Policy Yes)
  5. MoneyBookers/Skrill        ( Reversed Policy Yes)
  6. Payza                                ( Reversed Policy Yes)
  7. Web Money                      (Reversed Policy No)
  8. Solid Trust Pay                  ( Reversed Policy Yes)
  9. Perfect Money                   ( Reversed Policy No)
  10. Ego Pay                             ( Reversed Policy No)
  11. Bitcoin                                ( Reversed Policy No)

What is Revered Policy In Payment System Gateway?
Reversed Policy means If you have send payment to wrong people By mistake or your account has been hacked so don't worry you can make a dispute and your amount will be refunded & your account will be back with out any worry Many payment processors have their own Reversed Policy so check them out on their site :)

List Of Those payment processor which have no Reversed policy.
  1. Web Money                ( Reversed Policy No)
  2. EgoPay                        ( Reversed Policy No)
  3. BitCoin                         ( Reversed Policy No)
  4. Perfect Money              ( Reversed Policy No)

Monday, 27 May 2013

All Bank Account Holders Be Alert

All Bank account Holders Be Alert A great scam come to the market which is commonly know as Phishing attack hit all Online Banking Account. I don't know how Hackers got Bank Data any how they get your data from different sources and sending you email like this which I received check the below picture.

so don't click on this phishing link this will redirect you to the fake page & asked your Online Banking Details from you and many more details And After it they Transfer your hardly earned  money to different account with different method & you will Face huge losses.I advice you to be care full & share this story  to your friends and relative to save others from big scam.
Press Ctrl + D and bookmark this site And follow me on twitter.
in few Days I will share video with you for free in which I will tell you how to save & secure your computer , Facebook  accounts ,bank account e.t.c.  so stay Tuned.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Q Mobile Default Security code

Q Mobile Default Security codes/pass are below check these four code any of one will unlock your Q Mobile.

  1. 1122
  2. 1234
  3. 0000
  4. 3344

 Note: These are default security code it doesn't work if you change security code of your mobile & forget that one..