FBR Tax Message Is Circulating For Tax Collection

Many people nationally ( Pakistan) worried about the message which they received on their personal cell phone.
Many People said that FBR harassing sms coming , FBR is harassing me by sending message on my mobile to pay taxes, We have not registered , we are students, some people have not more than 18 said: why FBR sending us this message for tax.

Aap ko NTN jari kia ja chuka hay magar aap nay pechlay 5 saal main kuch goshware jama nahin kerwaay. Wazeer-e-Azam ke sahoolati package ke tehat aap ye goshware kisi jurmane, izaafi tax ke baghair aur Audit se istasnaa ke sath 28 February tak jama karwa sakte hein.
Mazeed Maloomat:
If this type of message you received on your cell phone then don't be worry this message sent to those people who are registered and have NTN Number & not pay tax till yet, this message is a warning message to those people who are registered and have NTN but not paying taxes.

Question here arising why FBR this message receive on your mobile and your NTN is not issued yet?
This is only for this reason because your personal sim is not on your name, This sim is under the name of person who have NTN but don't paid tax till yet.
So don't be worry go to your Mobile network franchise and service centre to change the ownership of sim to your name.

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