How To Become A Millionaire?

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How To Become A Millionaire?
Every Person Have Dreams To Become A Millionaire But Very Few Peoples Become Millionaire.
Many Peoples Say That If You Want To Become A Millionaire then try To Invest Money in Different Programmes, Companies e.t.c. And The Person Which Have No Money To Spend & Invest They Become ill and Start Some Wrong Ways To Earn Money To Make Your Dreams Possible.
Many Peoples Invest Money In Hyip Programme , Money Double , Matrix Programme e.t.c To Earn Money.In World Many Legal Ways To Earn Money On-line If You Want To Become A Millionaire Then Try To Earn Some Money And Invest In Some Islami Banks , Islami Banks Give Profit On Monthly Basis  And Give Profits According To Islam . Islami Banks Profit Is Depend Upon Bank Profit , Some Banks Profit are Fix Which Is 15% , 10% Its Not Halal According To Islam.Try To Invest Money In Islami Banks Which Give Less Profit But Its Halal & Halal Is Much Better Than Haraam.

Why Islami Bank Profit Is Halal?
Islami Bank Profit Is Halal Because Its Not Fix And Its Profit Depend Upon Company Profit.

Purchase Gold , Silver & Oil.
Try To Invest Money In Gold , Silver & Oil  Which Prices Is Gain Day By Day.
Start Sale And Purchase Gold, Silver & Oil . If You Want to Start Sale And Purchase Gold, Silver & Oil On line You Must Need Only Rs. 25,000 To Start and If You Work On line In Sailing And Purchasing  Gold, Silver & Oil 5 Days A week You Will Become A Millionaire In Few Months.

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Wah bhei apki site mili buht ache lage i earn $200 in 3 months of working.. :)

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